Tuesday, March 6, 2012

True Crime: Serial Killers

My curiosity regarding serial killers began during my second semester at Marian College in 2004. I was taking a speech class and we all were given an assignment where we were to present an informational speech. I had recently read an article on a serial killer who had been captured in Asia that had both chilled and fascinated me. So, without much thought as to what I might discover, I signed up to research and present a speech on serial killers.

I began my research on serial killers on www.crimelibrary.com. The website had an entire section just for serial killers and I went through page after page reading about the horrible deeds these people committed. After finding out about some of the more well-known serial killers, I searched for books at the library. I was thankful that the Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library had a large true crime section. I checked out the book My Life Among the Serial Killers by Helen Morrison, M.D. The book is written by a forensic psychiatrist who interviewed and profiled more than eighty serial killers, all the way from John Wayne Gacy, to Ed Gein to Richard Macek. 

I was chilled by the stories I read, but also strangely pulled in. It was difficult for me to believe that we walk this earth with people who are capable of such horrible actions. After my speech I found myself continuing to read books and do research on serial killers. Last year I read Erik Laron’s Devil in the White City, a novel about the infamous serial killer H. H. Holmes who killed dozens of fairgoers during Chicago’s 1893 World Fair. Recently I read I, Monster by Tom Philbin. This book is by far the most unnerving book about serial killers I have read, as nearly all of it is pieces of writing from actual serial killers. At one point while reading the book I hid it in my car while I slept at night. It really shook me up.

Now, just to set the record straight: I read other things besides books about serial killers. I am a non-fiction fan, so true life stories are always calling my name. Several people know about my strange serial killer curiosity and joke about it with me. I am sure I am not the only person on this earth who finds this topic interesting.

Joanna amidst a favorite non-fiction subject of hers: true crime & serial killers

What is something you have an odd curiosity about? Please share them with us in the comments below!



  1. I have an odd curiosity about motorcycle clubs. It started when I got really interested in the television show Sons of Anarchy. It’s about a fictional motorcycle gang from California. Now I can’t stop reading about real MCs.

    1. That's interesting! I've never really heard much about motorcycle clubs. I'll have to check out Sons of Anarchy and see what it is all about!